Basque 2025

Linger in French Basque Country

10-Day / 9-night custom, private group tour led by fluent French speaking experience design experts with a focus on Slow Food, Slow Travel, and Slow Adventure.

Mid-Late June 2025$TBD – Ready for booking and deposit in August 2024

Join us in the quaint, relaxing beachside communities of southwest France, the Basque Country. This is NOT a trip designed for tourists who want to check off the boxes of well known monuments and museums. This is an exploration of the hidden gems of this magical land where we invite you to savor the flavors and experiences of Slow Travel and linger with us in a corner of the world that we’ve found to be special. We’re sure you will too.

Linger On,
Maggie, Erin, and Jeremy

Trip Details

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What Will My Days Be Like?

At Linger, every day is a Slow Travel day! Each day of this trip will include:

  • a stroll through a local, fresh food hall
  • a Slow Travel / Slow Food excursion experience
  • Linger Time

The order will vary, depending on the particular activities, the weather, input from travelers, etc.

Excursion Experiences:

  • Tour coastal cities and fishing villages by VW Bus
  • Local Seafood dinner in an ancient fishing village
  • Pinxtos (small bites) gourmet foodie tour
  • Picnic on the beach with local food haul
  • Gentle hike through the Anglet Forest
  • People watching at a typical French cafe/brasserie
  • Savor the flavors of a Basque cider maker and its cuisine
  • Attend a local jai alia (pelota) or rugby match
  • Experience live, local Basque music
  • A countryside visit by VW bus to world renowned sheep’s milk cheese makers, country villages, and a quintessential Basque meal.
  • Visit Bayonne for its famous ham and tour local shops.
  • Sample local chocalateries

What is Linger Time?

Linger Time is whatever you want it to be. Rest. Work out. Read a book. Slow down. Add a Premium Experience (see below). Need a recommendation? Just ask.

Premium Experiences

Our standard excursion experiences above will add up to a very full trip – we promise. But if you do like to take things up a notch, we do also offer Premium Experiences:

  • San Sebastian Foodie Tour in Spain (all day)
  • Surf School
  • Pyrenees Mountains Hiking
  • Custom, private date night arranged
  • Jai alai lessons
  • Bike the coast
  • Spa Day- Thalassotherapy in Campo les Bains (all day)
  • French lessons with a native
  • Local philanthropy – ocean clean up with a local nonprofit to minimize the effects of tourism

Premium Experiences are an additional cost and are done as either an add-on to your day or a substitute for a standard excursion experience, depending on the activity and/or day.

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